I am Uvais AP


Who am I?

I am a freelance digital marketing strategist in Calicut and Wayanad, who has expertise in giving instructions about online advertisement to businesspeople successfully and well develop their organization through digital platforms.

I am an expert In SEO, SEM, SMM, Web Designing, and Email Marketing, It helps you to reach a targetable larger audience. Utilizing digital platforms I can find your problem solution. I completed my bachelor’s degree at Calicut University. In addition, I completed a digital marketing course at Calicut Digital Academy (CDA).

 I believe you to grow your business goal through digital marketing and work together on a Successful journey.

uvais ap
freelance digital marketing strategist calicut kerala

What is Internet marketing ?

Digital marketing, also called internet marketing, is promoting a brand or business to connect with potential customers on the internet or other digital platforms with the help of social media, blogs, email marketing, and web-based advertisement, as well as text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel

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Why digital marketing strategist?

Online marketing is currently the fastest-growing industry. Every business invests in online business in addition to traditional advertising. Traditional advertising is less expensive and reaches a larger number of people. An advertising manager is someone who understands and can implement strategies for online advertisement They must first understand the needs of their clients as well as their target audience to develop a successful strategy. Internet selling strategists are in charge of developing digital advertising campaigns that will assist businesses in meeting their goals. When a company’s online selling becomes a problem, an internet advertising tactician needs to find a digital solution.

Advantages Of Digital Marketing

1 Lower cost

If you want to promote your firm globally or locally online advertising is the most efficient cost effective form. Online advertising strategists can promote your firm at a lower cost. However, not every kind of digital advertising is suitable for every business, and some may even be more costly than others.

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2 Global reach

Online advertising is the best method to promote industry worldwide. Traditional marketing campaigns are very expensive. Even every small local business can create an international audience through an online store.

Global reach through digital marketing

3 Effective targeted audience

If you don’t have any idea about your audience, an internet marketing strategist can do to set a targeted audience.  There are options for targeting customers’ demographic information on social media, it helps to find valuable and potential customers.

Targeting audience in digital marketing

4 Analytics and optimization

Another important advantage of online marketing is web analytics, which measures the effectiveness of online service activities in real time. It helps to analyze running campaigns quickly and take suitable action.

Analytics and optimization




Search engine optimization(SEO) is the process of increasing the traffic on the website by optimizing the website organically.it helps to ranking your website 



Search engine advertising (SEM) is the promotion of websites by increasing traffic through paid advertising methods. We pay Google to display our search ads when someone types in a relevant keyword. ​



Social media advertising (SMM) is a great way to promote your business. You missed your opportunity if you are not on Facebook or Instagram, Great social platforms can bring remarkable success to your business.

content marketing


Content advertising is a type of strategy developed that focuses on producing relevant, valuable, and consistent content for a specific audience, such as images, videos…

e mail marketing


E-mail advertising helps you send a commercial message to your present and future customers. It helps to build customer loyalty and positive relationships with them.

web design


A good business has a good webpage. It helps to know all of your business. I will help you develop an attractive web page for your business interests.